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Tipping Sacred Cows

Rolf, Don, and Jared questioned things that we accepted as fact and discovered that there is more to these so-called facts than meets the eye. They walked up to the sacred cows of our profession, and they tipped them over.

This is the kind of thinking that makes us better designers. This is the kind of thinking that improves our users’ lives. This is the kind of thinking that pushes our profession forward.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what anyone says about how to become a better designer, or what it really means to be a user experience professional, or what techniques you should and shouldn’t use. It matters that you ask those questions yourself and keep pushing what we do beyond where we thought it could go.

Brilliant insights are not the result of conventional thinking. Mind-blowing work is not the result of standardized, rote processes. You will never do the best work of your life by doing exactly what everyone else is doing.

What will make you better? The same things that make Rolf, Don, and Jared better:


We improve ourselves, our work, our clients, and our profession not by accepting what we know, but by questioning what we know.

When we question the answers we have been given, we discover the answers we have not.

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