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This chapter is from the book Review answers

Review answers

  1. Click the Organize button in the Welcome Screen when you start Photoshop Elements. Alternatively, if the Editor window is already open, click the Organizer button located at the top right of the Editor workspace.
  2. This lesson demonstrated three different ways to import photos into Photoshop Elements:
    • Drag-and-drop photographs from a Windows Explorer / Finder window into the Media Browser pane in the Organizer window.
    • In the Organizer, choose File > Get Photos And Videos > From Files And Folders, and then navigate to the folder containing your photos. You can import a whole folder, specify whether to include subfolders, or select just those images you want to add to your catalog.
    • In the Organizer, choose File > Get Photos And Videos > By Searching, and then select the folder on the hard disk that you wish Photoshop Elements to search. This method will locate all images in that folder and its subfolders and offer you the opportunity to select which images to import.
  3. If you designate a folder on your computer as watched, Photoshop Elements is automatically alerted when new photos are saved or added to that folder. By default, the My Pictures folder is watched, but you change that, or add any number of watched folders. When new images appear in a watched folder, you can either have Photoshop Elements import them to the Organizer automatically, or ask you what to do.
  4. In the default Media Browser view in the Organizer you can browse thumbnail images of your photos. You can choose to see them sorted by chronological order, by folder location, or by import batch. The Date view is organized in the form of a calendar where you can quickly find photos taken on a particular day, month, or year.
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