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Mastering Xcode 4: Getting Help

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You can get help in Xcode 4 for the IDE as well as the Cocoa frameworks in a number of ways. In this chapter, you’ll learn how to find the answers you need.
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The Help Menu

You’ll start with the most obvious place first. If you’re familiar with Mac OS X, you should be familiar with the Help menu. Starting with Mac OS X 10.5, the Help menu (Figure 4.1) features a standard Search field, which shows you not only help topics but main menu items that match your search term.

Figure 4.1

Figure 4.1 The Xcode Help menu

Beneath the Search field are menu choices to open some of the more important help libraries with which you should familiarize yourself. A link to Xcode’s release notes is also listed there. Most of these will open the Organizer window, which you saw in Chapter 3.

Xcode Help

The Xcode User Guide menu item opens a splash page containing video and links about how to find help in Xcode.

Xcode User Guide

The Xcode Help menu item opens the user manual for Xcode. Inside you’ll find in-depth explanations and how-to instructions for all Xcode features.

Documentation and API Reference

The Documentation and API Reference menu item simply opens the Organizer window in Documentation mode so you can browse or search the installed documentation libraries. It will remain on the currently selected page without navigating away and simply show the window.

The Rest

The remaining menu items trigger quick help for the currently selected code in the active workspace window, and open the Organizer window in Documentation mode with the text input cursor in the search bar, respectively.

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