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Tracking Changes

The editing process is all about making changes. As you start making major changes, you might consider saving a backup of the current version of the project from time to time. That way, if you don’t like the new changes, you can go back to the previously backed up version and start again. Duplicating a project makes an exact copy of the edit information. You are given the option to duplicate or not duplicate the source media.

  1. Open the Project Library by pressing Command-0.
  2. In the Project Library, Control-click the Zero to Hero project, and from the shortcut menu, choose Duplicate Project.

    The Duplicate Project dialog appears with some options. The first option sets the destination location for the project copy.

  3. Set APTS FCP X as the Location, if necessary.

    Because you only want to create a backup, you can choose to duplicate only the project. When you need to take your show on the road by copying the project and all of the source clips in the associated Events, select the second option, “Duplicate Project and Referenced Events.” The third option allows you to copy the project and only those clips used within the project. Choose this option to create a new Event and project that references a smaller set of source media. For now, you just want to make a duplicate project before you add more clips to the Timeline.

  4. Select Duplicate Project Only, if it is not already selected, and then click OK.

    A new project, Zero to Hero (fcp1), appears in the Project Library. You can always rename this project, or give it a version number, to indicate what editing stage the project represented. Now that you have a backup version of your project, you’ll return to editing the original project.

  5. In the Project Library, open the Zero to Hero project.
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