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Script Commands in FileMaker

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Script Commands in FileMaker

Excerpted from FileMaker Pro 5: Visual QuickStart Guide, by Nolan Hester

VIRTUALLY ANY SCRIPT STEP you can think of has been predefined within FileMaker. You build scripts within ScriptMaker's Script Definition dialog box where all the available script steps are listed in the left-hand column (below). Use this appendix as you work within the dialog box to quickly look up what actions each script step will trigger. The appendix is arranged in the same order and groups as the steps displayed in the left-hand column of the Script Definition dialog box. For more on using FileMaker's ScriptMaker, see Working with Scripts.

Control Script Steps

Perform Script Run another script, specified by options, within a script
Pause/Resume Script Pause (or resume) script, based on option chosen
Exit Script Exit the current script
Halt Script Stop current script (allowing for user inputs)
If Perform script if calculation is True
Else Perform another step if calculation is False
End If Mark end of script started by If script
Loop Repeat a set of steps
Exit Loop If Exit a loop if a calculation is True
End Loop Mark end of Loop script
Allow User Abort Let user stop (or not stop) script, based on option chosen
Set Error Capture Move (or not move) error messages to Status function, based on option chosen

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