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To copy a script:

  1. Choose Scripts > ScriptMaker.

  2. When the Define Scripts dialog box appears, select the script you want to copy, and click Duplicate (Figure 19).

    Fig. 19 Figure 19  Select the script you want to copy and click Duplicate.

  3. If you want to give the copy a distinctive name, type it into the Script Name text window, and click Rename (Figure 20). The new name will be applied to the duplicate (Figure 21). If you're finished, click Done or, if you want to change the script, click Edit.

    Fig. 20 Figure 20  Once you've given the duplicated script a distinctive name, click Rename.

    Fig. 21 Figure 21  The renamed script is added to the Define Scripts dialog box.


  • If you just want to rename an existing script, skip step 2.

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