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Importing a script

In previous versions of FileMaker, you could only duplicate scripts created within the particular file you were working on. FileMaker 5 gives you the ability to import a script from another file, in effect letting you duplicate scripts created in other databases.

To import a script:

  1. Choose Scripts > ScriptMaker.

  2. When the Define Scripts dialog box appears, click Import (Figure 22).

    Fig. 22 Figure 22  To use a script from another database, click Import.

  3. When the Open File dialog box appears, navigate to the FileMaker database that contains the script you want to use and click Open.

    When the Import Scripts dialog box appears, it will list all the scripts in that database (left, Figure 23).

    Fig. 23 Figure 23  The Import Scripts dialog box lists all the scripts existing in the other database (left). Check one and click OK (right).

  4. Choose the checkbox next to the script you want to import and click OK (right, Figure 23). The script will appear in the Define Scripts dialog box (Figure 24), where you can then click Edit to tweak it to work in the new database.

    Fig. 24 Figure 24  Once the imported script appears in the Define Scripts dialog box, you can click Edit to fine-tune it for the new database.


  • Any scripts you import probably include references to fields or layouts in the original file--which won't work in the new file. To avoid any problems, make sure to update any field references in the imported script once you bring it into the new file.

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