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Chapter 4 Assignments

Getting a Feel for Backlighting

Set up a backlit lighting situation and practice manually metering and using the in-camera meter in various ways. Notice how differently the camera interprets the scene, depending on whether you use matrix metering, center-weighted, or spot metering. Get a sense of how the image changes as you stop up and down. If you can develop an innate sense of how these changes impact the image, you’ll have a much easier time adapting quickly to achieve the look you want.

Shooting all around a Window

Find a friend to model for you, and set up a fake “getting dressed” moment next to a window. Using the technique described in the “Window light” section of this chapter, manually meter for the shadows when the subject is backlit. Practice shooting as you move around the subject. Notice how the light changes as your angle to the window changes. Get used to quickly switching your camera from Manual for the backlit shot to Aperture Priority as you move.

Choreographing the “Seeing One Another” Moment

Get two friends to help you with this one, and direct them as if they were a couple seeing one another for the first time. You don’t have to do it exactly the way I do—get a feel for what angles work for you and what lenses you like to shoot at various moments. Trying it out with actual people will help you understand the flow of the movement, and you’ll feel clearer about how to direct your clients at the wedding.

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