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The Guys

It’s true that this part of the day is mostly about the ladies, but let’s not forget the guys! If the groom and his groomsmen are getting ready at the same site as the bride, I slip away from the bride during a lull in the action and grab a few shots of the men. (You can also send your assistant to do it, if you have one.)

It’s quite a contrast—I may spend an hour or more in the bride’s room, but I generally need no more than five or ten minutes with the guys. I’m looking for a few key shots of the groom straightening his tie (or, as in one case, actually learning how to tie it from a sheet of printed instructions!), fastening his cufflinks, having a beer with his buddies (Figure 4.13). I might ask him to pose for a very quick portrait. Then I head back to the ladies—I don’t want to miss her putting on the dress!

Figure 4.13

Figure 4.13. I always spend much less time with the groom before the ceremony, but I like to catch the pinning of the boutonnieres.

If the guys are getting ready at a different site and I’m not able to go there, I make a special effort to capture some good candid shots of them at the ceremony site, before the ceremony begins.

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