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Moments to Watch For

As you’re photographing before the ceremony, watch for the following moments:

  • Small gestures from the bride once she’s dressed: Look for the bride clasping her hands, smoothing the fabric of her gown, twisting to check the back of her dress, and so on.
  • Details of the bride’s ensemble, as she’s wearing them: You might focus on her earrings; the dress’s bow, buttons, or other details; or the bride’s hairstyle and other adornments.
  • The bride putting on her veil: There is something about this moment. For many brides, the veil is what really makes it real for them. Capture that emotion.
  • Anyone entering the room or seeing the bride in her dress for the first time: People coming into the room for the first time will probably get a heartfelt greeting from the bride, and the first glimpse of her in her dress will surely elicit some great emotion (Figure 4.19).
  • Guys getting boutonnieres pinned: The guys never have as much going on in the “getting ready” department as the ladies, so the boutonnieres represent a nice opportunity to capture that feeling of wedding preparation for them.
  • Kids: Shoot them early while they’re fresh, clean, and happy! Children often leave the event early, so catch them while you can.
Figure 4.19

Figure 4.19. I love the energy and excitement in this shot of the bridesmaids seeing the bride in her gown for the first time.

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