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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Automatic bullets and numbering

InDesign has a Bullets and Numbering feature that will number a list for you automatically. This is enormously helpful because you can rearrange the list, add new items, delete items, and the entire list is automatically renumbered.

This feature does not align the numbers appropriately, as shown below-left, but this might be a small price to pay when you have a long list.

Task 17 Use automatic numbering

  1. Create a text frame and type the first word or two in a list.
  2. With the insertion point flashing in that first line, go to the Type menu and choose “Bulleted & Numbered Lists...,” then choose “Apply Numbers.”
  3. The number 1 will appear at the beginning of the line. Hit Return or Enter and continue on with your list.
  4. To remove the numbers or switch to a bulleted list, go back to the menu and choose the option you want.
  5. For more control over the formatting, select all the text in the list. From the Paragraph panel menu, choose “Bullets and Numbering,” then experiment with the options.

Also use the formatting options you learned in this chapter!

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