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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Right-aligned tabs

Right-aligned tabs are useful for numbers that don’t have a decimal point, or for any items that you want to align on the right.

Task 7 Create a numbered chart using right-aligned tabs

This exercise involves whole numbers. You’ll type a few lines with tabs before you set up the markers.

  1. Create a new text frame about five inches wide.
  2. Type the following text in 10-point type, hitting the Tab key once to move to the next column, whether it aligns or not at this point. Hit Enter or Return at the end of each line.

  3. Select all the text.
  4. Open the Tabs panel. Or if it is already open, single-click the magnet icon so the panel snaps to the text frame.
  5. If there are any tab markers in the ruler, click the tiny menu symbol at the right end of the panel (circled, below) and choose “Clear All” (this clears any tabs you added and restores the invisible defaults).

    Single-click the right-aligned tab symbol (circled below, left).

  6. Single-click six tab markers, starting at about 1 inch. Watch the text numbers align appropriately.
  7. Continue typing to finish the chart, as shown below.
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