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Quick Shot, or GREAT Shot? Framing Your Images for Impressive Results from Your iPhone 4S

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With the powerful little camera built into your iPhone, it's easy to grab some quick photos or entertaining video whenever something interesting comes into view. That's the extent of the energy most of us put into our photography, and that lack of effort shows in our results. By devoting just a few extra seconds, Joanna Silber says, we could end up with photos and video that make us proud.
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Why Framing Is Important

One of the most important methods to make your footage look more professional is to frame your shots well. In this context, the word framing refers to how you place the image elements within the boundaries of the picture or view to show off (frame) your subject. Simply put, framing answers two questions:

  • Where is your subject?
  • What's around the subject?

When used subtly, framing can provide clues about your subject, or highlight elements of your image that give it context and depth. Good framing coaxes viewers to the subject, while encouraging them to look at the whole picture. Because the crisp retina display of the iPhone 4S acts as the camera viewfinder, you have an excellent view of what you're shooting—and a great platform with which to practice good framing.

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