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Angling for Fun

Shooting straight on is often the cleanest way to capture an image; it lends itself nicely to a balanced, journalistic take on the events being chronicled. Not every subject should be framed the same way, however, and you don't need a journalistic approach to everything. The iPhone is light and has a clear viewfinder, which makes it a perfect camera to experiment with angles—you can easily hold it above your head, balance it on a ledge, or lie down on the floor holding it.

Playing with different angles changes the feel of a shot. In order to play with angles, be ready to reposition yourself. For example, consider shooting kids and pets at their own level (get down on the ground), or stand on a chair or climb some stairs to look down. Looking up at your subject through the camera lens tends to make the subject look imposing, powerful, and often distorted to a larger-seeming size. Shooting down on your subject lends a softer and more flattering look as it minimizes and compresses features. A tilted (Dutch angle) shot can give a jaunty or playful look to some subjects, a dark or crazed look to others. Obviously, lighting, audio, and the subject itself also have a hand in creating a feel—but use your framing as best you can to support the look you're going for, or to find new and interesting looks.

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