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Selecting Text

You select text to make changes to it. While it’s tempting to select text with your mouse, the Golden Rule (page 48) requires that you use voice commands instead. There are a number of Select commands you can use in Dictation mode to select text in a document (Table 4.3).

Table 4.3. Selection Commands

To select this:

Say this:

A specific word

Select word

A specific phrase

Select firstword Through lastword or Select firstword To lastword

The next word

Select Next

The previous word

Select Previous

The number of words forward that you specify

Select the Next n Words

The number of words backward that you specify

Select the Previous n Words

Select all the text in the document

Select All or Select The Document

To select text:

In Dictation mode, say the appropriate command (Table 4.3). The text is selected accordingly circle_a.jpg circle_b.jpg circle_c.jpg.


circle_a.jpg Immediately after dictating this text, I said Select changes, ...


circle_b.jpg ...then Select use To instead, ...


circle_c.jpg ... and then Select the Previous Three Words.

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