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Add some graphics

If you follow the directions on pages 217-219 of The Little iMac Book, Second Edition, you should be able to see your Web site folder window on the right, and the Web page you are building on the left. If not, rearrange things so you can see both windows.

Then simply drag one of those tiny diamond graphics from your Web site folder and drop it right in front of the first link (well, the line of text that will be a link as soon as you make it). You’ll see the insertion point move around the page as you move the graphic around, and when you let go of the mouse button, that graphic will drop in right where that insertion point is flashing. Try it.

Drag over the other diamond bullet graphics and drop one in front of each link. Type one extra space between each bullet and the text.

If you accidentally put a graphic in the wrong place, just drag it to where it is supposed to be.

To get rid of a graphic, click once on it to select it, then hit the Delete key.

bullet text This is what your bullets should look like.

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