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The finished Web site


Ah, you’re done at last! (Well, at least you’re under the temporary delusion that you’re done. As Url says, “Web site work is never done.”) Check every link, and make sure every page has a link back to the home page, and perhaps even links to the other pages in your small site. The next step will be to “upload” the site to the World Wide Web. (For information on how to find a host for your site, see page 229 of The Little iMac Book, Second Edition.)

Upload your Web site

So now you are ready to upload your fabulous Web site.

  1. Open the site: From the File menu, choose “Open,” then choose “Open Site... .” You’ll get the Open dialog box, where you need to select your Web site folder and click the “Choose” button.

  2. Create the settings: You’ll get a message that you need to create site settings. Click “Yes.”

  3. In the “New Site” dialog box that you’ll get, click “Settings... .”

    New Site dbox
  1. In the “Add Site Settings” dialog box, enter the FTP information that you got from your Web site host. Then click OK (you won’t have to do this again). In the “New Site” dialog box that you’ll see again, click “Create.”

    Site Settings dbox
  1. You’ll get something called a “site window” (shown below). You really should read the manual to learn about this very important part of the software. For now, go to the Site menu and choose “Upload.” PageMill will log on to the Internet and upload your Web site to the server. If PageMill has trouble connecting, open the connection your usual way, then tell PageMill to upload the site. And now, it’s on the Web!

    Site Settings dbox
  1. Open your browser and go to the Web address that your host told you would be your address. If you see changes that need to be made: Make them in PageMill, and save the page. From the File menu, choose “Upload” and then “Page.” In your browser, click the Reload button to see the new page.


    To upload the entire site, along with every graphic, use the Site menu and choose “Upload.”

    To upload individual pages, along with their graphics, use the File menu, choose “Upload” and choose “Page.”

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