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Chapter Review

  1. What tool is used to create profiles?
  2. Name at least three ways a profile can be delivered.
  3. Why should a configuration profile be signed?
  4. How is a profile removed from an OS X computer? From an iOS device?
  5. What is a configuration profile? An enrollment profile?
  6. What steps are involved with turning on the Profile Manager service?
  7. What steps are involved with specifying that you want to sign your configuration profiles?
  8. What three components comprise Profile Manager?


  1. The Profile Manager web app is used to create profiles.
  2. User portal, email, web page, manual delivery, or push to enrolled devices via the mobile device management capabilities of Profile Manager enable profile delivery.
  3. A configuration profile should be signed to validate the contents of the profile.
  4. In OS X 10.7 Lion, the profiles are managed in the Profiles preference pane within System Preferences. On an iOS device, navigate to Settings/General/Profiles to view and remove installed profiles.
  5. A configuration profile contains settings and preferences to manage the user experience in a controlled device. An enrollment profile allows the device that it’s installed on to be remotely controlled, performing such tasks as remote wipe and lock, and installation of other configuration profiles.
  6. You can just click the On/Off switch in the Server app Profile Manager pane to turn on the Profile Manager service, but to enable device management (also known as Mobile Device Management), click Configure next to “Device Management,” select a valid SSL certificate, and specify a verified Apple ID to obtain an Apple Push Notification Service certificate.
  7. In the Server app Profile Manager pane, select the checkbox labeled “Sign configuration profiles,” then choose a valid code signing certificate. Then when you create profiles with the Profile Manager web app, they are automatically signed.
  8. The Profile Manager includes the Profile Manager web app, the user portal, and the optional device management (Mobile Device Management) service.
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