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Making the Index

Setting up the index for a group of files is a bit more involved than for a single file, but not particularly difficult.

You’ll need to start with a PDF file open in Acrobat. Interestingly, this file does not need to be one of those being indexed; you simply need a file open so that you can get to the Acrobat Tools pane.

  1. In the Document Processing panel of the Acrobat Tools pane, click on the Full Text Index button (Figure 4). Acrobat will display the Catalog dialog box (Figure 5).
  2. Figure 4 The Full Text Index tool is what you use to create a search index for a group of PDF files.

    Figure 5 The Catalog dialog box supplies information on the assembly of a currently-selected search index.

  3. Click the New Index button. Acrobat presents you with the New Index Definition dialog box (Figure 6).
  4. Figure 6 The New Index Definition lets you specify the details of your search index. In particular, you specify which folders the index should include and which subfolders should be omitted.

  5. Type a title and description for your new index in the appropriate text fields.
  6. Click on the Add button next to the Include These Directories text field. Acrobat will present you with your system’s standard pick-a-folder dialog box. Select a folder that contains the PDF files you want in the search index. You can repeat this for as many folders as you want to add to the index. The index will include all of the PDF files in these folders and in any nested folders. The folders you select will appear in the New Index Definition dialog box (Figure 7).
  7. Figure 7 The folders you select will be listed in the New Index Definition dialog box.

  8. If the folders you have chosen contain any subfolders that you don’t want included in the search index, then click the Add button next to the Exclude These Subdirectories list, and select those subdirectories.
  9. Back in the New Index Definition dialog box, click the Build button.
  10. Acrobat will ask you for a name and location for the pdx file and then think to itself for a while. When finished, Acrobat places the pdx file and the folder of bookkeeping information on your disk, and returns you to the Catalog dialog box.

  11. Close the Catalog dialog box; you’re done.
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