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Like this article? We recommend Tip 6: Make It Meaningful

Tip 6: Make It Meaningful

If you write about a subject that only you and your mother might find mildly interesting, you'll bore your readers, and they'll leave your site.

If you write about topics that are the equivalent of humdrum daily routines, like brushing your teeth or eating breakfast, you need to step away from the keyboard and re-envision what topics inspire you. What are your passions? What inspires you? What makes you deeply care about a topic?

Make every word, every image, every sound, and every interactive link in your web content meaningful. After you've written a draft, put it aside for a short time. Then read through it again and again (reading out loud helps!) to look for images that are gratuitous, unclear, or unhelpful for your audience. If there's a sound track, listen carefully. Do the sound bytes match the tone of the text? Does every spoken word add to the story?

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