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Strategies for Mobile Web Implementation: Mobilizing Images

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  1. A Holistic Approach to Mobile Images
  2. Inline Images
  3. Responsive Photo Grids
  4. Wrapping Up
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Kristofer Layon discusses some considerations and techniques for images in mobile web presentation.
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Images have been making our communications and storytelling come alive since cave drawing, oil painting, and photography. What are some considerations and techniques for images in mobile web presentation?

A Holistic Approach to Mobile Images

With digital photography and illustration, especially on the web, we have been increasingly accustomed to our CSS-empowered browsers gracefully processing image placement and scaling. And now with CSS3, the options keep growing to include fancy border treatments, more sophisticated layout options, and more.

So in modern browsers, we might expect the transition from desktop to mobile to be similarly magical and trouble-free. And, in many respects, it can go pretty darn well. But mobilizing images is about more than the technical details and relying on the browser to do everything. Let’s examine some design considerations, along with their technical solutions, so that you can approach mobilizing images in a holistic manner.

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