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Filtering Clips

Now that you’ve taken the time to organize your footage into events, apply keywords and ratings, and analyze your footage, you have a lot of information to work with. Learning how to use the Filter commands will give you greater control while editing.

Search for Clips By Clip Names and Notes

Located at the top of the Events Library is the search field. This is a useful way to search for clips by name or by any notes you’ve added. Simply select one or more events you want to search in the Event Library (Command-click for multiple events). Then in the search field enter a text string you want to search for. To remove a search, just click the small x at the right of the field.

Search for Clips By a Combination of Criteria

Although the search field is convenient, using a combination of criteria lets you quickly find the clips you’re looking for. You can use multiple criteria to search with the Filter window. Categories include clip name, rating, media type, excessive shake, keywords, the presence of people, format information, date, and role.

  1. In the Event Library, select the event or folder you want to search.
  2. Click the Filter button at the top-right corner of the Event Browser.

    You can select unwanted keywords in the Keyword Editor and press Delete to remove them.

    Use the Search field (in the upper-right corner of the browser) to search the Name and Notes columns.

  3. In the Filter window, select search criteria, or rules. You can add additional rules using the Add Rule menu:

    • Text. Find clips by their name or search any notes applied to them in List view.
    • Ratings. Find clips based on the rating assigned.
    • Media Type. Search for clips whose source media files are of a specific type (video, audio, or stills).
    • Stabilization. Hide or show video clips that Final Cut Pro has identified as having excessive shake.
    • Keywords. Search for one or more keywords.
    • People. Find clips that Final Cut Pro X has identified as having people in them if you analyzed your clips.
    • Format Info. Search by frame rate, reel, take, scene number, and other criteria.
    • Date. Search by creation or import date, as well as apply logical rules to help specify an exact match or a range of dates.
    • Roles. Find clips by their assigned roles. Earlier in the section “Organizing Clips with Roles,” you learned to assign custom roles and subroles, as well as how certain roles are automatically added.
  4. You can refine a search by applying additional rules. You can specify that a search must match at least one criterion or that all criteria must be met. Just use the menu in the upper-left corner and choose All or Any.
  5. When you’re done with a search, click the Reset button to the right of the search status icons in the upper-right corner of the Event Browser.

By refining the Filter controls, the clips were narrowed down to only those that contained the keyword mixer, were marked as favorites, and did not have excessive shake.

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