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...And The Rest

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are by no means the only social media sites in existence; they are simply very popular at this time. But there are other sites out there that deserve inspection, because your business may have some use for them.

Google Plus (or +)

Google Plus, also known as Google+, is the latest social media network to hit the scene. Currently, the site is in beta mode, with use of the site by invitation only. As soon as it went live, use of the site exploded, reaching 20 million users in just a couple of weeks, according to several technology news outlets at the time.

Google+ primarily uses the user’s written comments as its social currency, but adds geolocation, photo and video uploads, and link sharing as early features. One attraction for Google+ users is its instant-update functionality and the way that connections are managed through specific categories of connection types, known as circles.

Businesses should keep an eye on Google+, not just because it’s the latest cool thing but also because Google+ will have complete integration with all other Google products.

This means that Google+ will be tightly matched with the millions of Android phone users out there. Android phone users already can upload photos instantly from their phone cameras and make use of geolocation features. Just imagine what businesses could tap into when allowed to add their functionality and presence to Google+.


Flickr is a photo-sharing site that enables users to share their photos and videos with other users.

The Yahoo!-owned Flickr provides a great way for any user—personal or commercial—to easily host huge galleries of images free of cost. Businesses looking to host pictures for an online catalog or from a business event, for instance, would benefit from a Flickr account.


Vimeo provides users with an easy way to upload and store their personal or professional videos. One advantage to Vimeo is it doesn’t impose a time duration on the length of videos users can post.

Business that are looking to produce a lot of video content might want to examine Vimeo as a possible social media platform.


WordPress is one of the premier blogging platforms in the world, and it provides two key blogging services for its users.

The first is blogging software that can be downloaded and installed to work with a separate website, such as a business site. This software is free to use and very popular.

The second and more of a social media service is the blog hosting provided on On this site, users can set up and start entering their own blog entries—again, completely free of charge.

Hosting your business blog on WordPress is a great solution for businesses that may not have a website yet or (more likely) a website that isn’t entirely configured to host a blog. The massive WordPress community can share your content (that it likes) and really get the word out fast, too.

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