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A Few Basic Questions

Reflecting on your work essentially begs you to ask yourself questions about the images you create. These questions are not set in stone, and no exhaustive list exists. Here, however, are a few abstract questions I routinely ponder, consciously or subconsciously, along the way:

  • Am I telling a story with this image?
  • Is it the story I want to tell?
  • What elements in the image(s) might distract or intervene in the successful telling of this story?
  • Is there anything else I could use that would strengthen my ability to tell the story I’m photographing?

Throughout the rest of the book, we’ll concentrate on those areas of creating story that benefit from constant reflection. Consider this encouragement to always know why you are making certain technical, aesthetic, and stylistic decisions. The following pages detail ways to consider storytelling on the spot and later as part of your growth as a photographer. I would be presumptuous if I said the following information is prescriptive. Rather, it is an effort to charge you with considering why we make decisions with the camera that aid or counter our knack for telling a good story. At the end of the day, this is our goal, right? After all, we have this hefty responsibility of being the story’s caregivers.

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