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Specifying Fine Print

According to HTML5, small represents side comments such as fine print, which “typically features disclaimers, caveats, legal restrictions, or copyrights. Small print is also sometimes used for attribution or for satisfying licensing requirements.” small is intended for brief portions of inline text, not for text spanning multiple paragraphs or other elements (red_circle-a.jpg and red_circle-b.jpg).

red_circle-a.jpg The small element denotes brief legal notices in both instances shown. The second one is a copyright notice contained in a page-level footer, a common convention.



<p>Order now to receive free shipping. <small>(Some restrictions may apply.) </small></p>



     <p><small>&copy; 2011 The Super Store. All Rights Reserved. </small></p>



red_circle-b.jpg The small element may render smaller than normal text in some browsers, but the visual size is immaterial to whether you should mark up your content with it.

To specify fine print

  1. Type <small>.
  2. Type the text that represents a legal disclaimer, note, attribution, and so on.
  3. Type </small>.
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