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It’s All too Much and We’ll Never Move Forward

Figuring out what exactly is wrong with your world of content isn’t always easy. But once you’ve identified and described the problems in detail, you have a whole new challenge on your hands: deciding what to do next. Of course, that’s going to require several conversations with all kinds of people, and those people are going to have questions like:

  • What is content strategy? How can it help me?
  • When does content strategy start? How?
  • Who does it? Where can we find these people? Who should they report to? Should we use outside firms to do the work?
  • What are the roles and responsibilities people need to assume during the content strategy process?
  • We have a website/mobile/CMS project looming (or already underway). Where exactly does content strategy fit in?

And, the question you’ll hear the most will likely be the one that keeps you awake at night:

  • Why should we invest in content strategy?

These are all excellent questions, and it’s very reasonable to expect lots of discussion around them. Depending on your role on a project or in your company, that might be pretty intimidating. But here’s what’s great: When the time comes, you’re going to be the expert everyone turns to for insight and information. You know why? Because you are going to keep reading this book. You are going to learn a whole lot about content strategy in not a whole lot of pages. And then you are going to put on your content strategy cape and get out there to save the content—to be the hero you were always meant to be.

Let’s go! (Insert rousing orchestral music and confetti.)

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