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Chapter 4 Assignments

Learning how to master exposure and focus is the subject of several chapters in this book. When recording video with your DSLR, you’ll find that these two technical hurdles can be quite challenging. Take the time to practice these skills repeatedly because you’ll always find challenges ahead.

Experiment with the Exposure Triangle

Try different combinations of ISO, aperture, and f-stop with your camera in Manual mode. Attempt to achieve a proper exposure while experimenting with the depth of field options your camera offers.

Record a Shot with Bokeh

Set your camera’s aperture as wide open as possible. Then try racking focus until you can create bokeh. When you have the basics down, move on to blurring a background while leaving a foreground subject in focus.

Manually Set Focus

Using the camera’s LCD panel, set your zoom lens to magnify your subject. Then, using the Magnify buttons, increase the magnification on the LCD panel. Using the focus ring, try to manually focus your camera.

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