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Starting from Scratch

With a brand new, empty project, the first thing to do is add media, which you can do in one of two ways. You can immediately shoot some video (see Figure 4), or you can work with some previously shot video that's stored in your phone. Either way, you'll get audio and video in your clip.

If I shoot video now, I get a video clip of my computer screen and a Microsoft Word file, which isn't very awesome, as you can see in Figure 5. Let's try importing some media instead. You can pick Video (as shown in Figure 6), Photos (see Figure 7), or Audio (see Figure 8). When you select an item, it's highlighted, and an arrow is displayed on it, as shown in Figure 9. Touching that arrow brings the selected media into your project.

Repeat the process to bring in as many photo, video, and audio elements as you want. Notice that when you bring in a clip, it falls where the playhead (the pink line) is. You can move the clips so that incoming footage falls at the end of your growing sequence, or between clips somewhere in the middle.

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