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Working with Black and White

Once that’s completed, I can create a black and white adjustment layer (see Figure 7), drawing the image immediately to black and white. The overall processing of the file renders a very dramatic impression of the image, but could stand to use a little further adjustment. Clicking on the finger in the Adjustment Layer section, you can drag over a portion of the image that you would like to turn darker. Photoshop will read colors in that area and adjust the black and white tonality accordingly. You can continue to do this to suit your taste.

While the black and white adjustment layer will give you a lot of what you need, there will be times that you may need to do some minor tonal changes to portions of the image. You can create a curved adjustment layer in Photoshop and brighten the overall image (see Figure 8). Once is the curve is adjusted for brightness, you can hide the adjustment layer and only paint it into the areas where you’d like it.

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