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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Public vs. Extended Circles

When you get ready to start sharing photographs and content on Google+ (see Chapter 6), you will find two main circles that come standard with every Google+ account: Public and Extended Circles. Understanding the difference between the two is important.

Public Circles


When you share content to the Public circle, it is visible to everyone on Google+ as well as the entire World Wide Web. As a search giant, Google works hard to make sure it indexes all public Google+ posts for search results. By performing a Google search of “Colby Brown Photography” (Figure 4.22), you’ll notice that not only does my Google+ profile appear as a result, but a popular Google+ post as well.

Figure 4.22

Figure 4.22 A Google search reveals that Google+ posts are searchable.

Although the benefits of posting to your Public circle are that everyone can see what you publish, it can also be a drawback. Not everyone who adds you to his or her circles might want to see everything you send out via Google+. As a rule of thumb, I never publish content that talks about religion, politics, or polarizing topics to my Public circle unless I truly feel compelled to. As a photographer, my name is my brand, and I don’t want to alienate potential clients, customers, or friends because of my beliefs.

Extended Circles


Understanding what happens when you publish content to your Public circle is fairly straightforward, but publishing to your Extended Circles is not as clear-cut. The reason is that the group of people in your Extended Circles is constantly changing. Your Extended Circles are in essence everyone in your circles, plus everyone in their circles. Think of it as your circles’ circles. However, Extended Circles only go two connections deep.

For example, if I am in your Colorado Photographer’s circle and you publish content to that circle, I will be able to view it. But my friend Scott Jarvie in Utah would not be able to because he is not in that specific circle. However, if you publish your content to your Extended Circles, Scott Jarvie would be able to see the content, because even though he is not in your circles, he is in mine.

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