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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Communicate Using Messages

Cell phone owners have long enjoyed (and abused in quantity) the ability to send and receive SMS texts, which turn out to be enormously expensive relative to the amount of data that’s actually being sent. With its Messages app, Apple broke the cellular carriers’ chokehold on texts by sending the same data over the Internet for free. The iPad isn’t a cell phone, but using the Messages app, you can communicate with other people who own a device running iOS 5.0 or later.

Set up Messages

Instead of identifying you using a cell phone number, Messages uses your email address to route incoming messages from others. Messages uses your Apple ID by default. However, you can also specify other addresses that people can use to send messages to you.

  1. Go to Settings > Messages and tap the Receive At button.
  2. Tap Add Another Email and enter an email address.
  3. Go back to the Messages screen to apply the setting.

Send a text message

You can send a text to an email address or a phone number (provided the number belongs to someone who also has Messages on their iPhone).

  1. In Messages, tap the New Message button (04_mail_new_msg_button.jpg).
  2. Type the name or address of the person to whom you want to communicate in the To field that appears.
  3. In the message line just above the keyboard, type or dictate a message (Figure 4.21). It’s also possible to send photos or videos—tap the camera button to capture a new shot or choose from your photo library.
    Figure 4.21

    Figure 4.21. Sending a text in Messages

  4. Tap Send.

Conversations appear above the message line in dialog balloons.

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