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#6: Embed Metadata and Keywords on Import

In my workflow, I have found that Lightroom works very well with metadata and keywording, but if you need to alter large groups of images, the software can drag a bit as you try to type into the metadata fields. This is less of an issue with Lightroom 4, but the fastest method I have found for importing metadata and keywords is still to do it as you import the images (see Figure 2).

In the Import dialog box, you’ll see a field for typing in keywords, and the Metadata toggle just above it allows you to create custom metadata templates, which can be edited quite easily. I have several metadata templates I use. If all of the images are of the same person, scene, location, and sport, then I create a custom metadata template with all of the metadata in it. Once the images are imported, the metadata and keywording is finished.

If I am importing a group of images with different people, locations, or sports, then I will just use my basic copyright template (Figure 2) during import—along with the relevant generic keywords. In this second scenario, once the images are imported I’ll select groups of similar images and type in the metadata and captions for each group or create metadata presets to apply to groups of images.

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