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From the author of Choosing to Ride the Wave

Choosing to Ride the Wave

When running a business, there are generally two types of individuals: Those who fight the wave, and those who choose to ride the wave. The photography industry always includes a vocal minority of individuals who complain about every single change in our dynamic industry. These people constantly push against technological advances, the shift in reliable revenue streams, and the importance of branding in the digital age.

On the flip side are the people who choose to ride the wave. These individuals and companies constantly watch for changes and shifts within the photo industry, and they learn how to adapt their business strategy and model accordingly. Instead of fighting the immense popularity of growing social-sharing websites such as Pinterest (see Figure 6), they look for opportunities hidden beneath the surface, giving them a "leg up" on their competition and a spot at the forefront of a new and emerging business model.

Figure 6 Pinterest.

Google's Search, Plus Your World is another such opportunity in progress. No longer will you have to work for years to get your website to rank high on the Internet's largest search engine. Instead, you can focus your energy on engaging with and getting to know your current and potential future clients and customers on Google+, realizing that your time and energy is providing tangible benefits to how your products and services are found online.

People don't want a slew of marketing pitches thrown at them; they want a personal experience when engaging with your business. Every day, Internet users become more web-savvy, and the companies that understand this shift will help lead the way in the more socially focused World Wide Web. The Internet is a dynamic organism, constantly in a state of evolution. Utilizing emerging services like Google+ might just give you the head start on your competition that your business needs.

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