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"The Best Design Advice I Ever Got" with Julie Dirksen

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Julie Dirksen, author of Design For How People Learn, knows the value of being a self-starter. One of her favorite sayings is, “You don’t need permission to be awesome.” So don't wait—start creating!
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Julie Dirksen

Job Experience:

Learning Designer, Teacher, Learner, Nerd

Most Notable Achievement:

It’s always the next project.


Don’t wait for permission.

There isn’t some point where somebody comes along and says “Now you are worthy.” You don’t need to wait for permission to design things, teach, make things, write articles, speak at conferences (or start your own conference), start a blog, create, reach out to people you admire, write a book, start a business, display your work, or share your experiences. My friend Aaron Silvers tells the story of explaining to a colleague all the reasons he couldn’t make things happen within his current situation, and his colleague looked at him and said “You don’t need permission to be awesome.” Make stuff, put it out there, and then make more. There are more people waiting to help you than you can possibly imagine, but they won’t find you if you aren’t out there. If you don’t feel like you have expertise to share, then share the story of your journey. There’s always room for more stories.

Don’t wait.

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