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"The Best Photography Advice I Ever Got" with John Batdorff

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Award-winning landscape and travel photographer John Batdorff shares six critical points of advice that are sure to inspire you˜no matter what stage you're at in the creative process.
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From the author of


John Batdorff II

Job Experience:

Twenty plus years of experience in the newspaper business and owner of Batdorff Photography

Most Notable Achievement:

Personal: My closest friends (both of them) would say staying alive through the 90s. :) Today, I would argue raising my daughter into a well balanced young lady. Five years from now, I might say surviving her first boyfriend (or maybe him surviving me??)

Professional: Authoring four books including my personal favorite, Black and White From Snapshots to Great Shots.

Favorite camera:

Kodak Instamatic was the first camera my mother gave me and paved the road for my love for photography. Today I find myself shooting primarily with a Canon 5D Mark III and loving it.

Best Advice:

(I like to think of these more as the guidelines but here are my top 6)

  • Paralysis of analysis is horrible trap filled with regrets.
  • Do something...anything! You can't learn from your mistakes if you're unwilling to make any mistakes.

  • If you find yourself in hole, stop digging!
  • Personally, this has always been the hardest rule for me to understand. But, in time, I've come to accept it as a lesson instead of a failure.

  • Nothing kills the human spirit more than a dream that falls upon deaf ears.
  • Surround yourself with positive people that support your efforts and dreams because nothing can drain your creative spirit more than a Doubting Thomas.

  • Be your own person because everybody else is already taken.
  • Be true to yourself and your vision, and in time, your style will be revealed.

  • Keeping it in focus is less about the picture and more about life.
  • Remember to pause along the way and make time for yourself and your family.

  • Personal favorite: Street photography isn't a team sport.
  • If you want the shot then you better go get it! Otherwise, you'll have regrets and only yourself to blame.

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