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Secret 2: Hide Notification Center for a Day

The new Notification Center can alert you whenever you get new email, messages, tweets, or reminders—a very handy feature, unless you're in the middle of a task that requires your attention. If you don't want to see notifications, you have two options. The hard way: Disable notifications for each individual application. Open Settings, click Notifications, and configure each option in that menu. Of course, when you want them back, you'll have to reverse the process. Fortunately you have another option, a quick trick that lets you turn off all notifications for a day.

Click the Notification icon in the upper-right corner of your screen to open Notification Center, where your notifications are displayed. If you have a trackpad or magic mouse, use two fingers to drag the notification list downward. If not, move your mouse pointer to the top-right corner of the list, and click and hold until the scrollbar appears and the list of notifications move down the screen. This eventually reveals the Show Alerts and Banners control (see Figure 2). Slide this control to Off to shut down your notifications until the next day. You'll still receive email, messages, reminders, tweets, or anything else; you just won't be notified when they arrive.

Figure 2 Slide the switch to the left to turn off all notifications for a day.

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