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Secret 7: Keep an Eye on Your Calendar with Notifications

Notifications are great for seeing the subject lines of new email messages, or when someone tweets to you. They also work really well with the Calendar application to keep you aware of upcoming events. But with the flurry of notifications you might get during a busy day, it can be easy to miss a particular notification banner. Tweak a couple of settings, however, and you'll make sure you don't miss a notification about your next dental appointment or whatever.

The best thing you can do to keep track of upcoming events is to move your Calendar items to the top of your Notification Center. To do this, open Notifications in your settings. In the left column, click-and-drag the Calendar item to the top of your list (see Figure 7).

Figure 7 Settings for Calendar notifications.

Make sure the Sort Notification Center pop-up menu is set to Manually. This will keep your Calendar items on top of incoming email or tweets.

If you really don't want to let a notification go by without seeing it, change the Calendar alert style setting to Alerts. The alert will stay open on your screen until you click Close. Or if you want to dismiss it temporarily and be reminded again in 15 minutes, click Snooze.

There you have it—seven Mountain Lion tricks you might never have found on your own. Check out my OS X Mountain Lion: Peachpit Learning Series (or go exploring on your own) and track down even more.

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