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Working with List View

List view displays a window’s contents in an ordered list. Items cannot be manually moved around so there’s no need for a Clean Up command.

Windows displayed in list view also have a feature not found in other views: They can display the contents of folders within the window as an outline. This makes it possible to see and select the contents of more than one folder at a time.

To sort a window’s contents

Click the column heading for the column you want to sort by.

The list is sorted by that column blackcircle_a.jpg.

To display or hide a folder’s contents in outline list view

To select multiple contiguous icons in list view

Use one of the following techniques:

To select multiple noncontiguous icons in list view

  1. Click to select an icon ash_g.jpg.
  2. Hold down the Command key and click another icon.

    The icon is also selected blackcircle_i.jpg.

  3. Repeat step 2 until all icons have been selected.

To deselect icons

Click anywhere in the window other than on an icon’s line of information.

To change a column’s width

  1. Position the pointer on the line between the heading for the column whose width you want to change and the column to its right.

    The pointer turns into a vertical bar with two arrows blackcircle_j.jpg.

  2. Press the button down and drag:
  3. When the column is displayed at the desired width, release the button.

To change a column’s position

  1. Position the pointer on the heading for the column you want to move.
  2. Press the button down and drag:

    As you drag, the pointer turns into a grasping hand and the other columns shift to make room for the column you’re dragging Image.

  3. When the column is in the desired position, release the button.

    The column changes its position blackcircle_m.jpg.

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