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Start Your Obsession with Light

The best photographers in any genre are the ones who are obsessed with light. I hope that you will join their ranks—both in terms of skill and in terms of how you look at light. To start you down the path, I encourage you to study the light around you throughout each day.

Here is a sample of observations about light I’ve made in a single day:

  • In the morning, as I’m waking up, I study the color of a patch of golden sunlight on the wall of my bedroom.
  • At breakfast, I examine the shape of the shadows around my coffee cup and solve the riddle, “Why are there three shadows?”
  • At noon, I notice how sharp and small the shadows of pedestrians on the sidewalk have become since the sun is now straight overhead.
  • On my way home, I enjoy the glare of sunlight as it skips off the asphalt and onto the metal siding of a warehouse.
  • A half-hour after sunset, I call my wife, Amy, and our boys outside to see how the western clouds have turned salmon-orange and how the sky transitions from indigo high above down to turquoise at the horizon.

Yes, it’s obvious that I’m obsessed with light. I hope that you’ll start your own obsession today!

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