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Lesson Review

  1. How do you switch between libraries within Aperture?
  2. What command allows you to merge two Aperture libraries?
  3. What is GPX?
  4. How do you view a map only for photos of a certain project?
  5. Where do you find the menu to create a new Smart Album based on the Places view?
  6. How do you add a name to a face that has not been located by Aperture?


  1. Choose File > Switch to Library. In the submenu, select Other/New to select another Aperture Library or to open an iPhoto Library. If you have previously opened the library, you will find it listed in the submenu.
  2. With the destination library active within Aperture, choose File > Import > Library. You may also use this feature to merge an iPhoto library into an Aperture library.
  3. GPX is one of the GPS track log file types that Aperture can import. The other supported format is NMEA.
  4. Select the project, and then click the Places button in the toolbar. Selecting the Places view in the Library inspector will show you the locations for all projects.
  5. The “New Smart Album from View” is found in the Places Action pop-up menu in the tool strip.
  6. Select an image to display in the Viewer. In the toolbar, click the Name button, and in the dialog click the Add Missing Face button. Finally, type a name in the label.
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