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Setting Typing Options

The onscreen keyboard has several built-in shortcuts and tricks that you can turn on or off. Tap Settings > Language & Input and then tap 2-action-settings.jpg next to Android Keyboard. The Android Keyboard Settings screen opens red-a.jpg.


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red-a.jpg The Android Keyboard Settings screen. After you get the hang of typing on the onscreen keyboard, you’ll know whether a particular typing option is helpful or irritating.

You can set the following options:

  • Auto-Capitalization. Capitalize the first letter after a period automatically.
  • Sound on Keypress. Play a sound each time you press a key. To adjust the keypress volume, tap Advanced Settings ash-a.jpg > Keypress Sound Volume Settings. See also “Adjusting the Volume” in Chapter 2.
  • Add-On Dictionaries. Install, disable, or delete autocorrection dictionaries for various languages.

  • Auto Correction. Suggest words and corrections on the keyboard automatically as you type red-b.jpg. In modest mode, tap a suggestion to accept it; to reject it, finish typing the word. In aggressive mode, Auto Correction replaces typos with suggestions automatically when you tap a space or punctuation character at the end of a word. Touch and hold the center suggestion to see additional suggestions.


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    red-b.jpg Auto Correction suggestions appear at the top of the keyboard as you type. Touch and hold the center suggestion for even more suggestions.

  • Show Correction Suggestions. Determines whether Auto Correction suggestions appear.
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