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Selecting and Editing Text

The basic text-editing operations are

  • Select. Highlights text to edit, cut, copy, or format.
  • Cut and paste. Removes (cuts) content and places it in the clipboard so that it can be moved (pasted) elsewhere. Cutting deletes the content from its original location.
  • Copy and paste. Copies content to the clipboard so that it can be duplicated (pasted) elsewhere. Copying leaves the original content intact—that is, nothing visible happens.

You can select any portion of text within an editable area and then edit it by typing or by using the standard cut, copy, and paste operations.

Selecting and editing text can work differently, depending on which app you’re using. In most cases, the rules are

  • When you tap text in an editable area, a blinking insertion point indicates where new text will appear when you type or paste.
  • To move the insertion point, tap near where you want to place it and then drag the blue tab below it red-a.jpg. The tab disappears after a few moments; tap again to make it reappear.

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red-a.jpg Drag the blue tab to position the insertion point where you need it to be.

  • To select text, touch and hold or double-tap it. The nearest word is selected, with a blue tab at each end of the selection. To extend or shorten the range of selected text, drag the tabs to encompass the characters or paragraphs that you want to select. To select all the text in the field or page, tap the Select All button in the top toolbar red-b.jpg.

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red-b.jpg Toolbar buttons let you select all, cut, copy, or paste text.

  • To cut or copy text, select a range of text and then tap Cut 5-content-cut.jpg or Copy 5-content-copy.jpg in the top toolbar ash-b.jpg. To paste text, move the insertion point (or select some text to replace) and then tap Paste 5-content-paste.jpg, or touch and hold the target area and then tap the Paste button that appears.
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