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Exercise 4.1. Enable Screen Sharing And Remote Management

In Exercise 2.2, you confirmed that your server allows remote administration using the Server app. Now you will enable screen sharing and remote management as well. If you had a copy of Apple Remote Desktop, performing this action would allow you to use it to control your server. In this exercise you will use Screen Sharing to control your server.

Open a connection to your server with the Server app if you don’t already have one open.

  1. On your administrator computer, open the Server app, and choose Manage > Connect to Server. Select your server and click Continue.
  2. Provide administrator credentials (Administrator Name ladmin and Administrator Password ladminpw).
  3. Click Connect.

Enable screen sharing and remote administration.

  1. If your server isn’t already selected in the Server app sidebar, select your server now.
  2. Click the Settings tab.
  3. To enable you to open a Screen Sharing session using the Server app on a remote administrator computer, select the checkbox “Enable screen sharing and remote management.”

Open a Screen Sharing connection.

  1. Click the arrow next to the “Enable screen sharing and remote management.”
  2. Enter local administrator credentials for your server computer.

  3. Click Connect.
  4. Move some windows around to demonstrate that you are controlling your server computer.
  5. In the Screen Sharing window, click the close button.

Because you selected the checkbox for “Enable screen sharing and remote management,” you were able to take control of your remote server computer using Screen Sharing, right from the Server app’s shortcut.

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