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Exercise 4.2. Explore the Next Steps Drawer

The Server app has a helpful Next Steps drawer that helps you determine your next management and monitoring steps.

Like many exercises in this guide, you can open the Server app on your administrator computer, or on your server computer.

  1. If it isn’t already open, open the Server app and connect to your server.
  2. In the Next Steps drawer, click Configure Network. Review the text, which contains information about your IP address and host name and instructions for changing these.
  3. In the second sentence, click the blue word “Server,” which is a link to the Network pane; this produces the same result as selecting your server in the Server app sidebar and then clicking Network.
  4. Unlike earlier versions of OS X Server, if you want to change your IP address or host name, you do not have to use the command line. To access the appropriate interface to change your IP address or host name, click Edit next to the Host Name field.
  5. In the Change Host Name pane, click Continue.
  6. If you see the Multiple Networks Detected pane, confirm that the pop-up menu contains your primary network connection, and choose Continue.
  7. In the Host Name pane, select “Host name for Internet” and click Continue.
  8. Review the computer name, host name, and network address. This is where you would make changes when appropriate, but for the purposes of this guide, do not make any changes at this point: Click Go Back as many times as it takes to get back to the Change Host Name pane, and then click Cancel.
  9. Click the four other Next Steps buttons and review their content.
  10. Click the Next Steps button in the lower-left corner to make the Next Steps drawer disappear.
  11. Click the Next Steps button again to make the drawer reappear.

The Next Steps drawer is a great place to start when you’re new to administering your server with the Server app, but you can close the Next Steps drawer when you’re more familiar with the Server app.

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