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Cleaning Up Skin

Faces with several blemishes are some of the more difficult images to edit. In this image of my niece, I was able to get rid of the blemishes under her chin and make it blend well with the rest of her face by using Perfect Portrait.

Step 1

I started off with my image inside of Perfect Portrait. The software immediately found the girl’s face, so I clicked once inside the green square to start my edits and Perfect Portrait immediately located the eyes and mouth.

Step 2

The controls over the eyes and mouth needed some adjustment, so I fixed them by clicking on the points and dragging them to the correct spots. I also used the brush to make certain that the skin on the face was fully showing, especially the areas where the blemishes were most severe.

Step 3

Then I went over to the Effects tab on the left and applied the Heavy Retouch effect from inside the Children category. This did a good job of smoothing away most of the blemishes on the chin.

Step 4

To continue the retouch process, I selected the Retouch brush from the tool-well. Then I set the Size to 125, the Feather to 25, and the Opacity to 50%, and clicked several times in the image over the areas where the blemishes were most severe. I did this until I removed the majority of the blemishes while keeping the skin tone and texture intact.

Step 5

Next I directed my attention to the Mouth & Eyes pane on the right side of the screen. Since her eyes are squinting and not very visible, I decided to move both sliders to 0. Then I increased the Whitening slider for the Mouth to 85.

Step 6

The last step was to apply the effect. When I preview the before and after images, I can tell that the blemishes have faded away nicely without a loss of detail in the skin.

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