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Five Favorite Features of onOne Software’s Perfect Photo Suite 7

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onOne Software's Perfect Photo Suite 7 is not only brand-new, it's also polished, refined, and has some beautiful new additions to make photographic post-processing easy and fun. Join Photoshop expert Nicole S. Young as she goes through some of her favorite features of the new Perfect Photo Suite 7.
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The new Perfect Photo Suite 7 from onOne Software has some really great features, and I want to share a few of my favorites in this article. Not only did I write an entire book on this product, I also use it on a daily basis and have a really deep understanding of how it works. If you’re a fan of onOne Software, or are considering trying it out, take a look at these five of my favorite features of the new Perfect Photo Suite 7.

Beautiful New Interface and Layout

If you’re familiar with any of the onOne products, the new interface in Suite 7 will be a major change. This, in my opinion, is a huge upgrade and on its own is a good reason to consider this version of the software. As photographers, we are visual people, and I oftentimes find it beneficial to my creativity to work in an environment which aides in that creative process. Here are some of the improvements to the interface I like best about this software:

  • Darker Color: The new darker interface in Suite 7 is wonderful, and if you use Lightroom or Photoshop CS6, then this interface will look familiar. Your photos stand out and “pop” on the screen, and the colors look more vibrant.
  • Tool Options Bar: The tool options bar (see Figure 1) is now located on the top of the window, and will change each time you select a different tool from the tool-well. Again, if you’re familiar with programs such as Photoshop, then this will seem very intuitive.
  • Left and Right Groups: One the left and right of your screen are two groups. The left side holds the browser pane (in Perfect Layers) and the Effects and Presets pane (in Perfect Effects, Perfect Portrait, Perfect B&W and Perfect Resize), and the right side consists of adjustment panes for whichever product you’re using. Having the groups on the left and right of the screen helps clear up real estate on your window, and allows you to view vertical images across more of your monitor. You also have the ability to temporarily hide the groups, which can clear up space if you either don’t need to view them or want to get a larger preview of your image.
Figure 01

Figure 1 An example of the new dark interface in Perfect Photo Suite 7, along with the Tool Options Bar highlighted at the top of the window.

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