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From the author of The Perfect Brush

The Perfect Brush

When editing photos, there are many times you want to selectively edit a certain area, such as add an effect to just the sky in Perfect Effects, or quickly use Perfect Layers to mask out a certain area. With a normal brush, this is a difficult task, because you need a steady hand to paint around edges to keep the brush strokes contained. However, with the Perfect Brush you can do this extremely quickly and easily.

The Perfect Brush can be activated whenever you have the Brush tool selected (the only exception is when you are inside of Perfect Mask, which uses other methods to mask areas of your images). There’s a check box at the top of the window in the Tool Options Bar, and when it’s checked you are using the Perfect Brush.

Here’s one example of how well this brush works: Let’s say you’re inside of Perfect Layers and you want to mask out a sky (see Figure 2). You have two layers in the layers panel, one with your main image and one with your sky, and just need to paint out the area of sky on the main image to reveal the bottom layer keeping the edges clean. By using the Perfect Brush, you can do this in just a few seconds by keeping the center of the brush (the plus or minus sign) over the area you want to remove. The Perfect Brush then recognizes that color and removes it from your image without affecting the other parts of your photo.

Figure 2 I was able to use the Perfect Brush to mask out the plain blue sky in one image and replace it with another, all without affecting the subject of my photograph.

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