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From the author of Perfect B&W

Perfect B&W

When converting an image to black and white, a simple desaturation is usually much too basic. After all, you want to control the luminosity values of the colors, and de-saturating a photo tends to make it very bland and flat. onOne Software came up with a solution to that problem by creating a brand new product: Perfect B&W (see Figure 3).

The folks over at onOne Software did a great job with this product. There are options to adjust the color response of your image (make certain colors in the photo brighter or darker), enhance the tones with sliders and a tone curve, as well as many other types of stylization effects, such as vignette, toner, border and sharpening. They also added a Film Grain pane, which not only mimics the look of film but each preset is an actual scanned-in film grain from their corresponding film type. If you’re a fan of B&W film, then you will love this just as much as I do.

Figure 3 onOne Software’s new Perfect B&W allows you to create film-quality black and white images from color photographs.

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