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From the author of Integration with Photoshop Smart Objects

Integration with Photoshop Smart Objects

I love Photoshop, and I also love to keep my image edits as non-destructive as possible. As an avid Photoshop user, I take advantage of Smart Objects on a pretty regular basis, and one thing that I love about the Perfect Photo Suite is that it integrates really well with Photoshop when using Smart Objects.

First, here’s a little information about Smart Objects. In Photoshop, you can change a layer, or a group of layers, into a smart object. What this does is it then allows you to make changes to the smart object, such as resize, add filters, etc., without affecting the original pixels. You can even go back and make changes to those filters after the fact to alter the look of your layer without deteriorating the image quality.

So, this means after adding an effect from one of the onOne Software products to a smart object in Photoshop, you can go back and make changes to that filter whenever you like. For example, if you used Perfect Effects on a smart object layer, you can then go back into Perfect Effects and change any aspect of the effects stacks you added to your image. Or, if you added a shallow depth of field with Focal Point on a smart object, you can go back in to Focal Point with that image and make changes to the Focus Bugs, masking, etc. (see Figure 4).

Using Smart Objects with the Perfect Photo Suite is also beneficial if you create templates in Photoshop. This way you can create and stylize your images as Smart Objects with a product from onOne Software, and then later replace the smart object with a different image, yet retain all of your edits to the photo.

Figure 4 Smart Objects in Photoshop allow you to create non-destructive edits to your photos, and can also be used with Perfect Photo Suite 7.

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