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From the author of Histograms and Metadata

Histograms and Metadata

One great improvement to Suite 7 is the ability to retain any and all metadata to your images. In the past, this information was wiped clean when you pulled your photo into the system, but many photographers want to retain data such as exposure settings, camera information, etc. The Perfect Photo Suite 7 now retains all of that metadata in your image. This way, you can still edit a photo in the software and see all of the same metadata after the image is saved and back in your file browser.

Another improvement to the Perfect Photo Suite is the addition of histograms and clipping information. When editing a photo, it can be very helpful to view the histogram of your file to see how the overall luminosity of your image looks, and also to help keep you from clipping the blacks and highlights in your photos. And, if you want to view the exact areas where the levels are clipped, just use the keyboard shortcut Option+J (or on the PC, Alt+J), and it will display a visual representation of your clipped areas (see Figure 5). Clipped blacks will show up as blue, and clipped highlights will show up as red.

Figure 5 The histogram (on the top-right) told me that part of my image was overexposed, and by viewing the clipping with the keyboard shortcut Opt/Alt+J, I was able to find those areas in my photograph.

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